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Gas Safety

We help you and your business stay compliant when it comes to Gas Safety!


If your kitchen or restaurant facilities utilise gas powered appliances, regulation 35 of GSIUR requires that you ensure all appliances, pipework and safety devices are maintained correctly and safely.

We’re a Gas Safe registered company, meaning when you call our team, we will arrange for one of our certified engineers to visit your premises. They will inspect your equipment and check all components to make sure you are fully compliant. We can tailor our maintenance plans to suit your kitchen size and type of equipment, with a annual inspections, as a minimum, guaranteed.

With Romann Catering gas safety checks, you get:

  • Appliances are ensured that they are gas tight
  • Ventilation and extraction checked and maintained
  • Carbon dioxide levels monitored to not exceed safety limits
  • All appliance installations checked to meet regulations and standards
  • All equipment safe to use

Need a Gas Safety Check? Don't Risk it!

Our team are on hand to ensure you are fully compliant with gas safety regulations!